• Make sure zipper is fully closed
  • Make sure fan is not blocked near leg
  • If plugging it outdoors, make sure the GFI is set properly
  • Make sure there is no debris (leaves, snow, tall grass, etc)
Make sure the zipper is fully open to let all of the air out, zip back up for next use.
Yes, we included sandbags for allowing the Buffalo to be stable without tethering
Make sure to use the 4 stakes and tethers to tie down all 4 tether points on the Buffalo, be sure to turn off/deflate in very windy conditions!
Fully deflate Buffalo and make sure it is dry, wipe down with towel then roll Buffalo carefully like a blanket and slide into the included storage bag.
Make sure your Buffalo is turned off first. The internal wires may be wrapped around the sandbag. To fix, open the zipper and grab the twisted sand bag and undo the wire wrapped around the sand bag.

More than 1 year but if taken inside it will last a lot longer

Both FAN & ADAPTOR have UL approval
Life of LED’s around 5000hrs

Be sure the zipper is closed on the rear leg and plug in the Buffablo to Inflate fully. Once fully inflated, position the Buffablo where you want it away from sharp rocks and debris then using the 4 included stakes, insert them thru the Loops on each leg to secure the Buffablo to the ground. This will ensure the Buffablo is not awkwardly positioned when inflated.